The Dunes at Sunrise

First the mountain range behind me turns into glorious pink lavender tone, and then for a moment the sunbeams catch on the sand and turns everything in its direct path golden. Glowing golden. Magical. Iridescent. And now golden sand with long blue lavender shadows.

Some dunes sharply angular and sculpted, others a sea of soft undulating waves. Creosote bushes far between, dotting the landscape like seaweed, spring green from a two-week-old rain. Wind drifts the sand smooth with ripples. Another mountain range, still sepia blue, the sun behind it. That magic moment is long… timeless.

I am like the moon as I sit atop this mountain of sand; sun side is softly warm, opposite side feels the chill of the desert morning air. 7:59 AM Morning wind whistles in my ear.


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