Do what you love

I often get asked, “Have you always drawn?” Yes, and my favorite Crayola color was “Bittersweet” and “Cornflower”. I still have my first watercolor paintbox when I was a little girl growing up in rural Houston, Texas. I loved chalk and drawing the solar system. When I was in kindergarten I would sit with Pat Brossman, my next door neighbor in the third grade and watch her practice handwriting exercises. I couldn’t wait to get into the third grade. And I loved handwriting and drawing and painting and bugs. When it rained, I would run out and sit in the rain and fish for crawdads in the ditch, using cheese on a string. The other thing I loved was standing in flowers taller than me; big daisies and towering sweet peas and of course animals.

When you do what you love, and are true to yourself, some things don’t change much. Two of my favorite paint colors are still the same but with different names; burnt sienna and french ultramarine blue. I have painted murals on ceilings, floors and walls. I still like to stand enveloped in flowers and paint what I imagine. I’ll lay on the desert floor to identify a miniscule flower and have binoculars at the ready on a hike. And what do I always have with me? A journal, pen, pencil and paint.

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