sketchbook/journaling backpack

Journaling on the Run. . . PACK ONLY THE ESSENTIALS. A sketching pencil (a dark watercolor wash pencil is also water soluble when a wet brush touches it), eraser, pencil sharpener (learn to sharpen with an exacto knife), Niji waterbrush and/or paint brush, micron 01 black pigma marker (it’s waterproof so you can paint over it), your favorite writing pen (mine is a fountain pen), small craft scissor, glue stick, a few watercolor pencils, a small travel watercolor box, a couple sheets of paper towels, and a small container of water in a plastic bottle. Include a few loose sheets of good art paper that can be bound into a book later and keep adding drawings and paintings to blank pages in your sketchbook. Don’t hold back. Date your work. Watch your progression, record your events. Draw what you see and notice how the world opens your eyes to see more. The eye caresses each shape your pencil tracts. Zone in on color and notice how nature puts one color up against another, amazing!

I’ve added a large colorful cloth napkin to my pack. It is there to pick up a water spill, serve as a napkin, or sit upon. It’s the extra barrier between the ground and the ants, and me sketching. A baggie of nuts to munch, water to drink, sunglasses and a visor also help. Grab your bag and go with it everywhere.

Get to know what YOUR essentials are. For nature treks I add binoculars, compass, wildflower and bird identification books.

postscript: You can always have more of your stuff in other bags that are in the car!

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