gifts of the garden

garden5sensesp2redo4web3GIFTS OF THE GARDEN: “THE GREATEST GIFT OF THE GARDEN IS THE RESTORATION OF THE FIVE SENSES”. “All the windows of my heart I open to the day”- John Greenleaf Whittier. SIGHT: Absorb the colors in mass, squint and blur the edges, put your eyes close-up to a flower so that if fills up the whole frame of your vision. And then pull away slowly until the flower comes first into focus. Absorb. Close your eyes and
LISTEN. There may be distant chirps from a bird, a whirr of a bumblebee in flight or just peaceful silence. Listen to the sound of moving water or the music rain makes. Crush an herbal leaf and smell the AROMA. Make a memory of all the different flowers, grasses and herbs; sweet, pungent, aromatic, eucalyptus smells. Fingertips FEEL textures of velvet petals. Leaves and branches smooth, grainy, coarse, cool, taking in the quality of each. Allow the pores of your skin to catch a breeze and FEEL the temperature of the sunshine and the shade. And in the end enjoy the fruits of the garden. Pluck a warm ripe tomato and TASTE its sweetness. Nectar from honeysuckle and fruits and vegetables that ripen in each season. “Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul”– Linda Solegato.
In the end, it’s all a metaphor, this garden. . . IS LIFE.

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