When creative Calligraphers get together

This is Francine Oller, calligrapher, from my “Studio Group” drawing on the paper tablecloth. A roll of paper, and several different types of oil pastels; water-soluble and regular, chalk pastels, colored pencils, intense colored pencils, brushes and water. Several others join in. The “tablecloth” is covered with swirls, marks, sea waves and a sinking boat!

Then we write. A fountain pen talk by Greg Minuskin, pen nib expert (see his website: www.gregminuskin.com.) We are off in heaven, writing and experimenting with a relay of a multitude of fountain pens all with different nibs that make different marks. Some vintage, some contemporary, flexible, italic, needlepoint, different sizes. Talking and making mental tabs on our favorites (fountain pens).

Janet Martorello is now sharing her work. She did an amazing installation on a cross for a Catholic Church in San Francisco, dazzling beadwork. We all take turns showing a project we’re working on, getting honest feedback, sharing information and most of all giving support. We have been together since 1991, meeting one day a month, pretty much all year ’round and always have some sort of group project going. We love letters and ink, eat well together, talk a whole lot, laugh, and care for each other’s well-being. Start your own creative support group.

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