Wedding invitation Calligraphy

Wedding invitation Calligraphy

Cover Art for Paper & Ink Arts catalog, 2018


Guild of BookWorkers logo
Logo design for the Guild of Book Workers, 28th annual Standards of Excellence, San Francisco. A book workers sewing frame and supports of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Artwork, pen & ink, letterpress, Grand Central Station-New York for Papyrus stationers’ holiday greeting card. Artwork also done for Boston Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Washington DC Union Station, New York Central Park, Honolulu Christmas train, and Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive.

Placecard: hand lettering in script, black ink. Hand painted flower. Crane stock, 24 karat gold edge.

Hand lettered Monogram, “TC”, with a “silent L”, pen & ink. “O”also hidden inside the “C” Used for bridal invitations.

Hand lettered Monogram, “DMJ”. Pen & ink.

Artwork for See’s Candies Winter Holidays featured as “Holiday Fancy Box”.
Original artwork, watercolor. Two other boxes for See’s, as well.

Los Angeles ANGEL PROJECT to benefit charities in the city of Los Angeles. My angel, “A Gardening Angel” stands about 8′ tall. Painted in oil, 23 karat gold leaf, varnished to look like porcelain. Wearing a wreathed crown painted in the four seasons, shoes of cherries and flowers, butterfly painted in trompe l’eoile in one hand, a four-leafed clover in the other, brushes and gardening tools in a tool belt inspired by a Japanese obi, and a necklace of a fuschia blossom and gold. Selected to be in the Sotheby’s Auction, she now resides in a private garden somewhere in the world.