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ARTFUL JOURNALS, Written and Illustrated by Janet Takahashi
©2007, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-60059-069-6
ISBN-10: 1-60059-069-1
Front Cover.
Learn how to create journal books that reflect your interest as you learn a variety of binding and embellishing techniques.
Fill blank pages with prose, images and sketches.
. . .”All around my house, in my studio, and tucked into backpacks, I have a multitude of journals in progress–different topics, sizes, and shapes. If you peeked between the covers of my journals, you’d find everything imaginable–writings, sketches, notes, memorabilia, secrets, photos, and dreams.”

Back Cover.
. . .”It is this passion for note taking, making small sketches and adding a bit of color, along with my love of book making, that I share here. The journals in this book range from very simple embellished store-bought blank books to more complicated hand-sewn structures. But they are all designed to inspire you to begin one of your own and to fill it with your observations and experiences.”

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page 24.
A drawing exercise observing & analyzing an object’s height to width, and shape, object in this case–a coffee cup. Even the “inner” negative space of the handle creates a shape.


Chapter 4 on TRAVEL.
Include a drawn map of your travel journey. Layer images and describe the scenery as you go.