Watercolor Sketchbook Journaling
Yosemite National Park


APRIL 30 – MAY 6, 2020.  ART RETREAT on the French/Italian Riviera

Create your own travel journals with watercolor scenes that are accompanied by lettering. With just a few basic skills, learn how to record and savor unique places with pictures, collage and descriptive text to treasure your travels for years to come.

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OCTOBER 6 – 9, 2020.  

Drawing & Watercolor Journaling in YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

Have fun and grow your skills during this 3-day immersive watercolor journaling workshop.

Capture your impressions of Yosemite in a field journal. With lightweight, simple materials to carry outdoors, record your observations in pen and ink, pencil, and watercolors. Fill your pages with a series of explorations that combine your writing and imagery. Learn step-by-step methods to design your sketch layouts in ways that enhance your story. Draw inspiration from the textures, colors, and light of the fall season. Slow down, see nature’s brilliant creativity, savor its detail, and record it in ways that will continue to inspire you long after your trip. Your sketchbook journal will be an artful record of your journey in Yosemite.