Round Robin Journal Adventure


Page two of my journal entry “Nature”: I am one of 18 other artists in a round robin journal exchange put together by calligrapher and artist, Renee Troy. Each of our handmade journals are themed and require 2-3 pages of artful creativity. One month to create and release, and then receive a new journal to be written and embellished with our own personal stamp. It will be a year and a half before seeing my journal again. Other themes such as “Outrageous”, “Red”, “Metamorphoses” are to name a few.
The anticipation to create something new onto blank pages is enough to get all of the “creative mind sprockets” working in overtime.

I begin with a main image (the marsh bird with a beak-speared list of nature ideas). Then I build text and other imagery around the page. Next, another image to balance the bird, the journal log. Then I add other words and images filling in blank areas on the page, each time being mindful of space and color relationships. I think of the text blocks the same as I do blocks of imagery. Color is another design element that can be used to pull all the parts together on a page. At other times, a full background can be painted first. The way I’ll be working on “Hearts” next, you’ll see.

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French Roundhand

A mini-calligraphy workshop at the home of illustrator and toymaker, Marilyn Scott-Waters for the Orange County Children’s Book & Illustrator’s Schmooze Day. There I am demonstrating the letterform “b” with “eeks”–not enough paper on top for what should be a longer ascender stroke.

French Roundhand, the chosen calligraphic hand done with a pointed, flexible steel nib in a straight holder. This hand was chosen because of its beauty and simplicity (vertical stroking) that could be learned in a limited amount of time. A beautiful spring day, lemons and wisteria in the garden in bloom and every chair filled with incredible illustrators that work magic daily with their other tools.

Note the inkwell: the bottom part of a plastic wine glass. (At your next party, enjoy the wine, toss the drinker part and save the base). Then for stability, that “inkwell” is set into the top of a “Pringles” potato chip lid. The depth of the inkwell filled with ink is a perfect dip for a pointed nib.

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Furnace Creek Ranch General Store

Afternoon sketching at Furnace Creek Ranch drinking cocoa.furnacecreekranch2

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Welcome to my website

The Toymaker and the Nature Journal Girl are having fun figuring out how to assemble a decent website. We need to break for lunch!

Marilyn's Rooster from

Marilyn's Rooster from

Click on the picture to make your own little paper book

Little paper book

Click on the picture to get a PDF to make your own paper book.

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The Dunes at Sunrise

First the mountain range behind me turns into glorious pink lavender tone, and then for a moment the sunbeams catch on the sand and turns everything in its direct path golden. Glowing golden. Magical. Iridescent. And now golden sand with long blue lavender shadows.

Some dunes sharply angular and sculpted, others a sea of soft undulating waves. Creosote bushes far between, dotting the landscape like seaweed, spring green from a two-week-old rain. Wind drifts the sand smooth with ripples. Another mountain range, still sepia blue, the sun behind it. That magic moment is long… timeless.

I am like the moon as I sit atop this mountain of sand; sun side is softly warm, opposite side feels the chill of the desert morning air. 7:59 AM Morning wind whistles in my ear.


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Booksigning and Limited Edition Prints at the L.A. Pen Show 2009

This year at the Los Angeles Pen Show Janet signed her book, “Artful Journals” which has sold over 9,000 copies world wide since its release in November 2007.

Also had limited edition prints which have been fully matted and include a certificate of authenticity. Janet’s prints, can be seen in closer detail at this page Janet Takahashi Prints were a big success this year.

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