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I draw what I see and I draw my imagination.
Life and Art are one.

Janet Takahashi painting in Arles, France
Art Scene by Janet Takahashi

 Hello, I’m janet!

For me, a free-lance artist, Life and Art are one.
My work is so joyous that it borders on play, created by hand, mind, and soul, an ongoing journey of study, steeped in sweat, perseverance, and heart.  My life’s graph is a silhouette of mountain peaks and valleys where every day is fresh white paper. I have come to understand what goodness is and that the full spectrum of beauty is beyond the visible.

With my love of letters, I’m a professional calligrapher and designer, illustrator, bookbinder, sign painter and gilder. Sketchbook journaling is one of my passions. I savor life by making a sketch a day filling several books at the same time. The lessons of my life’s blood are recorded in my journals. With a deep appreciation for nature, I love painting in the field and working “en plein air,” capturing the scenery of nature which is forever changing. She is my guide and inspiration. I travel extensively teaching sketchbook journaling, calligraphy, painting, drawing and the book arts.  


Janet's Mannequin in her studio
Janet Takahashi bug studies
Janet Takahshi's art studio

Follow me though my studio in this video!


“I love sharing the journey of my work,
my creativity and imagination,
and inspiring and nurturing others with simplicity
and kindness.”


“A Gardening Angel”

Gardening Angel by Janet Takahashi
Gardening Angel by Janet Takahashi
Gardening Angel by Janet Takahashi
Gardening Angel by Janet Takahashi

The Los Angeles ANGEL PROJECT benefited charities for the city of
Los Angeles, California.

My angel, “A Gardening Angel” stands about 8′ tall.

She came to me in a dream, traveling swiftly across the earth, endless fields of flowers float away from her wings as the invisible wind carries blossoms to the landscape below.


I painted the four seasons of leaves as a crown upon her head, and a fuchsia blossom necklace with tiny gilded beads around her neck. Cherries and flowers detailed her shoes. One hand held a gold four-leaf clover while a trompe l’oeil butterfly rested in the palm of the other. A tool belt, inspired by a Japanese obi, held a pen, brush, and gardening tools. Feathers and long stemmed roses cascade down the backside of the wings. Spun gilding embellish the wings edges.

“A Gardening Angel” was selected to be in the Sotheby’s Auction and now resides in a private garden somewhere in the world.

Gardening Angel by Janet Takahashi
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